Oral Probiotic Delivers Colitis Treatment Directly to Gut in Multiple Animal Models

Article title: Oral administration of CXCL12-expressing Limosilactobacillus reuteri improves colitis by local immunomodulatory actions in preclinical models

Authors: Emelie Öhnstedt, Cristian Doñas, Kristel Parv, Yanhong Pang, Hava Lofton Tomenius, Macarena Carrasco López, Venkata Ram Gannavarapu, Jacqueline Choi, Maria Ovezik, Peter Frank, Margareth Jorvid, Stefan Roos, Evelina Vågesjö, Mia Phillipson

From the authors: “Colitis symptoms are efficiently reduced by peroral administration of probiotic bacteria genetically modified to deliver CXCL12 locally to the inflamed intestine in several mouse models.”

This study is highlighted as one of July’s “best of the best” as part of the American Physiological Society’s APSselect program.

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