Ochsner Health medical oncologist available to discuss Breast Cancer Awareness

The second most common type of cancer that impacts women is breast cancer. According to the CDC, more than 260,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in women each year in the United States, 2,400 in men.

Dr. Rabia Cattie, medical oncologist at Ochsner Health, shares what it means to her to provide care to patients facing cancer diagnoses. She is most passionate about treating breast cancer and connecting with her patients on a personal level.

“When I was in residency, I was drawn to how much passion everybody had for their patients and how a multidisciplinary team approach could save lives,” said Dr. Cattie. “I am so grateful to do what I am able to do to help my patients.”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To raise awareness both locally and nationally for breast cancer, we’ve prepared a package of high-resolution video of introduces Dr Rabia Cattie and her passion for caring for cancer patients. To access footage or to coordinate your own interview with Dr. Rabia Cattie, contact [email protected].

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