Medical Bioethics Expert Available – Philadelphia Lawmakers Vote to Prohibit Safe Injection Sites

What: According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia City Council voted to prohibit supervised drug consumption sites across most of the city, greatly imperiling the future of such a facility if the legislation becomes law. 

Peter Clark, S.J., PhD, director of the Institute of Clinical Bioethics at Saint Joseph’s University, has extensive knowledge of safe injection sites. In 2019, Father Clark published a constructive proposal for safe injection sites in the Internet Journal of Public Health, designed to prevent the deaths of thousands of Philadelphians vulnerable to opioid overdose.

“By not implementing a safe injection site, we are choosing to stand by and watch as our neighbors, family members and future die due to overdose,” said Clark. 

When: Interview available upon request

Where: Interview can be conducted in-person, over the phone, or via Zoom.

Who: Peter Clark, S.J., PhD, professor of theology and religious studies and the director of the Institute for Clinical Bioethics.

Contact: Kevin Gfeller, [email protected], 610-639-8831

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