Dr. Jeanne Fair, LANL biosecurity and public health expert, can address novel coronavirus and animal/human disease transfer.

Los Alamos National Laboratory biosecurity and public health expert Dr. Jeanne Fair is available for explaining emerging diseases such as coronavirus in understandable terms.  For 25 years Dr. Fair has been working to understand how and why microbes may jump from animals to humans and recently, forecasting how climate change may impact infectious disease outbreaks.

She says, with relation to the current event and the Los Alamos role in understanding it, “I have been following the inside of this story via the teams I funded while I was at DTRA who are the primary investigators for this outbreak.  

Wildlife is the key for this emergence. The Los Alamos genomics training has been critical for helping countries around the world bring genetic sequencing to the table for fighting emerging infectious diseases.”

Currently, Dr. Fair is a scientist with Los Alamos National Laboratory with a focus in epidemiology and animal disease ecology. Recently she was a Regional Science Lead with the Biological Threat Reduction Program within the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency. Dr. Fair was the lead epidemiologist/analyst for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Decision Support Systems Team for the Department of Homeland Security during 2005-2009 with the focus on modeling pandemic influenza and public health response to the emerging threat.

She works in zoonotic (animal/human transferable) diseases, especially avian comparative biology specializing in immunology, disease, and response to stress, including contaminants in the environment. Her experience includes system dynamic modeling of epidemiology and human health risk to emerging zoonotic pathogens, and modeling and simulation of avian and pandemic influenza to poultry and human populations.

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