Doctors offer aid to Ukrainian Children

May 2023 found Shawn Diamond, M.D., hand and microsurgery physician with Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso, traveling thousands of miles all the way to Poland to offer twenty Ukrainian youth, twelve to nineteen years of age, medical aid.

Working in collaboration with physicians from Michigan, Massachusetts, Texas, and Missouri, Dr. Diamond performed pro-bono reconstructive surgery on Ukrainian children and young adults whose conditions ranged from congenital deformities to scars and burns from flying debris after bomb blasts and structural fires.

The group of medical physicians, all part of Doctors Collaborating to Help Children (DCTHC), which coordinated the annual trip, was the first medical team from the U.S. to treat Ukrainian children since the beginning of the Russian invasion in February 2022.

A hand, microsurgery, and plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Diamond’s dedication to healing not only affects children of the Borderplex region (Texas and News Mexico border with Mexico), but also extends thousands of miles to vulnerable populations across the world.

Dr. Diamond is available to speak about this humanitarian effort undertaken by DCTHC to provide medical aid to Ukrainian youth affected by the war and congenital defects.

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