Digital boundary spanning in the evolution of entrepreneurial ecosystems: A dynamic capabilities perspective


This study examines the digitalization of entrepreneurial ecosystems and its implications for its conceptual boundaries. In particular, it explores opportunities to catalyze the early evolution of entrepreneurial ecosystems stemming from digitalization. Surprisingly, the role of digitalization has not been fully considered in the entrepreneurial ecosystem literature despite its significant impact on its conceptual boundaries. Consequently, it remains unclear how digitalization provides opportunities to overcome regional resource scarcity. Therefore, this study investigates how an entrepreneurial ecosystem can leverage exogenous trajectories and mobilize and integrate external resources. Based on an exploratory qualitative single-case study on the Estonian entrepreneurial ecosystem, this study theorizes digital boundary spanning and identifies necessary entrepreneurial ecosystem capabilities by drawing from the concept of dynamic capabilities. The findings contribute to entrepreneurial ecosystem research by incorporating digital trajectories into the conceptual understanding of entrepreneurial ecosystems and providing a more nuanced view of evolutionary dynamics.


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