Civil rights scholar: “I fear for my Black son every day”

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, whose last words were “Momma, I’m through,” civil rights scholar and Binghamton University Professof of History Anne C. Bailey discusses the constant fear that Black mothers hold for their sons. 

“As a scholar and a writer on slavery and civil rights, I rarely write about my personal experience as a Black mother, but was particularly moved to do so when I heard on that devastating video George Floyd calling out “Momma, I’m through” with his last breath,” says Bailey. “I am not sure what was more devastating: Derek Chauvin’s torture and killing of a man in plain daylight; the begging of an interracial group of people for Floyd’s life; or Floyd, a grown, 46-year-old man begging for his mother – who in fact had passed away 2 years ago. 

“I would like to share the plight of Black mothers like myself who live daily with this fear for our Black sons—almost from birth – for as soon as they pass from the baby stage, our justifiable fears increase.”

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