Benefits of Down Time


Our mental health expert, Melanie Longhurst, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso is available to speak on:

What are ways to practice and achieve mindfulness?

What is the best way to use meditation programs or apps?

What is the purpose of mindfulness? The goal of mindfulness is to achieve a personal perspective of one’s consciousness. It also helps individuals to identity what can bring greater peace mentally. Mindfulness is used in mindfulness-based therapies, to address stress, anxiety, or pain, and simply to become more relaxed.

Studies suggest that mindfulness practices may help people manage stress, cope better with serious illness, and reduce anxiety and depression. Many people who practice mindfulness report an increased ability to relax, a greater enthusiasm for life and improved self-esteem. Mindfulness practices can reduce anxiety and hostility among urban youth and lead to reduced stress, fewer fights, and better relationships.

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