Major storm modeled to follow Fiona, possibly en route to Florida

The strongest hurricane of the Atlantic season caused death and destruction in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and other parts of the Caribbean and continues to pose a threat along the eastern seaboard. But now models are predicting a storm that is headed for Florida and other parts of the U.S. Gulf Coast that could top Hurricane Fiona in terms of sheer size and, potentially, danger and damage. 

Experts from UD’s Disaster Research Center can comment on a wide variety of topics related to hurricanes.

Tricia Wachtendorf: Evacuation decision-making, disaster response and coordination, disaster relief (donations) and logistics, volunteer and emergent efforts, social vulnerability.  

James Kendra: Disaster response, nursing homes and hospitals, volunteers, response coordination.

Jennifer Horney: Environmental impacts of disasters and potential public health impacts for chronic and infectious diseases.

A.R. Siders: Sea level rise, rebuilding or retreat after storms, risks to U.S. military bases. 

Sarah DeYoung: Pets in emergencies, infant feeding in disasters and decision-making in hurricane evacuation.  

Jennifer Trivedi: Challenges for people with disabilities during disaster, cultural issues and long-term recovery.

Joe Trainor: Post-hurricane housing decisions and insurance.