American Thyroid Association to Host Patient Education Forum

The American Thyroid Association® will host its annual ATA Alliance for Thyroid Patient Education Health Forum on Saturday, November 14, 2020 from noon – 1:15 pm EST.  The forum enables clinicians, patient advocates, patients and families living with thyroid diseases and disorders to come together and discuss advances in treatment, survivorship, and other important issues they are facing.  It also provides those interested in thyroid diseases and disorders with an opportunity to learn more about conditions like overactive or underactive thyroid, thyroiditis, thyroid cancer, and more.   

Dr. Siobhan Pittock, the ATA’s Patient Affairs and Education Committee Chair and Pediatric Endocrinologist at Mayo Clinic shares. We are delighted that despite the challenges of this year, the American Thyroid Association can meet with patients and families in a virtual environment making this valuable thyroid health forum more accessible than ever. We look forward to meeting everyone online for what we know will be a great gathering!” 

Representatives from ATA’s Alliance for Patient Educationwill join ATA members at the forum.  Partner organizations include Bite Me Cancer!, Graves’ Disease & Thyroid Foundation, Light of Life Foundation, MCT8-AHDS Foundation, ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc. Thyroid Cancer Canada, Thyroid Cancer Alliance, and Thyroid Federation International. 

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