AACI Welcomes LSU-LCMC Health Cancer Center

This month Louisiana State University-Louisiana Children’s Medical Center (LSU-LCMC) Health Cancer Center became the 108th member of the Association of American Cancer Institutes (AACI).

The LSU-LCMC Health Cancer Center was established in 2021, when LCMC Health announced its commitment of $75 million to LSU over the next five years. The investment will support LSU’s journey to NCI designation through enhanced cancer research and treatment STEM education programs for future health care professionals. Professor of Surgery and Interdisciplinary Oncology John H. Stewart, IV, MD, MBA, is the founding director of the cancer center.

Under Dr. Stewart’s leadership, the cancer center aims to reduce the cancer burden of Louisiana—particularly in New Orleans and surrounding parishes—through novel discoveries; improved access to advanced cancer treatments and clinical trials; community outreach and engagement; and training and education. Initiatives will integrate disease-specific research and care delivery with a patient-oriented approach that reflects the unique needs of the center’s catchment area.

LSU-LCMC Health Cancer Center places a special emphasis on head and neck, breast, and prostate cancer screenings, and offers an active AIDS-related malignancies program that employs focused anal and cervical cancer screenings for high-risk populations.

“We are pleased to welcome LSU-LCMC Health Cancer Center as AACI’s first new member of 2023,” said AACI Executive Director Jennifer W. Pegher. “The cancer center’s commitment to serving a diverse catchment area and training the next generation of oncology professionals aligns with AACI’s values.”


AACI’s mission is to accelerate progress against cancer by enhancing the impact of North America’s leading academic cancer centers. For more information, please visit aaci-cancer.org.